Published Articles

Waste Advantage Magazine Common Insurance Misconceptions, Waste Advantage Magazine, February 2010.

I was asked to write an article for Waste Advantage Magazine about different types of pollution coverage. This article briefly describes several, but not all types of coverage available.

Waste Advantage Magazine Taking a Proactive Approach to Mitigate Expenses, Waste Advantage Magazine, July 2010

This article talks about ways companies can lower their insurance premiums without shopping the policy. In the current economy, thinking outside the box can add dollars to your bottom line.

Waste Advantage Magazine Audits Are Nothing to Fear, Waste Advantage Magazine, September 2010

This article discusses the audit process and how you should prepare/be aware of to make the process less painful.

Waste Advantage Magazine Items to Consider When Switching Insurance Carriers, Waste Advantage Magazine, December 2010

This article discuss questions and items to be considered prior to switching insurance carriers.

Waste Advantage Magazine May 2011 This article is to give consumers a heads up as to the forth coming changes in the insurance marketplace.

Waste Advantage Magazine June 2011 This articles describes what underwriters are looking for to consider a company/ account “best in class”

Waste Advantage Magazine December 2011 This article details what consumers can expect to see in terms of changes in the insurance market within the next 12 to 18 months if not sooner.

Waste Advantage Magazine, August 2012.

Waste Advantage Magazine, May 2013.

Waste Advantage Magazine, October 2013.